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Hurricane Fiona moves north, Tropical wave enters the Caribbean: Latest tracks, alerts

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All eyes are on Invest 98-L in the tropics as Fiona pushes north away from the east coast of the United States and towards Canada.

Invest 98-L is NOT a tropical storm or hurricane at this point, but it is an area of low pressure known as a disturbance. It also has nothing to do with Fiona. Because it is only an invest it does not currently have a forecast cone from the National Hurricane Center, that will come when it officially develops into a tropical system. It currently has a 90% chance of development over the next 5 days.

Once as it develops it would become a tropical depression or tropical storm based on the wind speeds at that time. When it reaches tropical storm strength it would then get a name, the next name on this list is Hermine (pronounced her-MEEN).

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