What is the ‘mindful eating method’ to prevent overeating?

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People are prone to gluttony, which often leads to overeating. Sometimes it's fine, but if it's repeated often, I'm worried that it might be 'food addiction'."


In fact, "food poisoning" is not a medical diagnosis. Dr. Helen Burton Murray, director of the gastrointestinal health program at Harvard University's Massachusetts General Hospital, explained that if food poisoning exists, it is caused by actual physiology, and if you do not eat certain foods, such as sugar, you must experience withdrawal symptoms.

Even without food poisoning, many people unconsciously overeat and don't realize it until they're done. In this case, practicing "mindfulness" can help you stick to reasonable amounts of food. Recently, Harvard Health Sublissing covered effective mindfulness eating and training methods to avoid overeating.

What is a considerate meal?

Meditation is the exercise of observing everything that exists and is input to the senses. According to Dr. Burton Murray, you can ask yourself the following questions as you eat your mind. Describe the shape, taste, and smell of food. How does it taste? What memories come to mind? How do you feel?

If you pay attention to your meals, you will eat slowly, and if you pay more attention to hunger and satiety, you can avoid overeating. "It's not an automatic process of looking at, choosing, and eating food, it's about stepping back and thinking about what you're eating," he added.

Here are the elements you need to focus on eating like this. First, you need to get rid of distractions. Turn off your phone, TV, computer, etc. and eat in a quiet, well-organized space. Adjust the speed so that you can eat the second meal for 20 minutes. Chew your food slowly and put down your spoon.

meditation training method

Practicing mindfulness outside mealtime can develop the "muscles" involved. You can train in the following ways:

Breathe Care = Inhale and exhale slowly. Take a deep breath and let your stomach bulge. As you exhale, push your stomach in. "It contains the diaphragm, which connects nerves between the brain and intestines and promotes relaxation," said Dr. Burton Murray.

◆Gradual muscle relaxation = Tighten and stretch major muscle groups for 20 seconds each. Pay attention to the feeling of relaxation when releasing muscle contractions.

◆Be careful, even for five minutes = Dr. Burton Murray advises to observe the surroundings with the senses. What color are the leaves? Is the ground cracked? What does the air smell like? Does the breeze touch your skin? I want you to turn your back and walk.

◆Yoga or Tai Chi = Training focused on deep breathing and bodily sensations.

◆Writing a diary = Write down what happened today in detail. Try to include sensory elements such as sight, sound, smell, and touch.

There is no need to overdo it to practice mindfulness all day long. Start short and gradually increase your administration time. Prolonged attention span naturally leads to attention eating.


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